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Most of the day is spent in offices. Comfort at all levels plays an essential role, not only for the well-being of the employees, but as well for their performance. Our modular system provides a maximum of flexibility. You can easily adapt the building according to your spatial requirements at any time stylishly, quietly and cleanly in order to guarantee the best possible productivity. Put together your individual office building from the variety of our range of standardised building components and expand it with carports, warehouses or climate-friendly charging stations for electric cars or bicycle parking spaces. Our sustainable system needs just a few months to be built.


Let us inspire you!


Sneak Peak of a Lukas Lang office building – Take a virtual 3D real estate tour with a 360° inspection.

Everything from a single source. A one-stop service. YOU choose from the wide variety of our modular construction system. WE plan, test and assemble your building according to your individual requirements.
The modular structure combined with the main building material component wood ensure harmonious proportions and a room climate with an unique atmosphere.

We provide a price certainty for our customers. Transparency and the highest quality assurance down to the smallest screw are guaranteed by our standardized processes and industrially produced components.

Clean energy standard: We utilize the potential of generation from emissions-free to low-emission sources. Clear points of intersection and detachable connections ensure minimized operating and maintenance costs.

High speed: We deliver turnkey buildings within a few months after the placed order. The planning and calculation are included.

Always flexible! If the spatial or local requirements change - whether larger, smaller or at another location - Your Lukas Lang office is always adaptable while retaining its value.

We pack 1 m2 of office floor space into a compact transport volume of 1 m3 and deliver worldwide with conventional trucks that fit through almost all driveway gates.