Affordable. Qualitative. Turnkey.

Affordable quality housing with the best cost-benefit ratio. Individually planned – calculated down to the smallest screw – assembled quickly, cleanly and quietly – handed over ready for occupancy – economical to maintain – adaptable and expandable. The Lukas Lang construction kit offers all these benefits while maintaining the value of the building. A sustainable modular system with architectural diversity.


In 2018 Lukas Lang Building Technologies Ltd. won as the only Austrian competitor the serial buildings competition from the GDW housing industry interest association in Germany, providing affordable housing with a cutting-edge technology.


We are your partner for modern construction methods!

Housing reinterpreted and turnkey delivered! YOU choose from the architectural variety. WE plan, calculate and assemble your individual housing requirements.

An unique appearance: The combination variety of the building components enables a wide range of possibilities for the exterior as well the interior design.

From lowest to plus energy housing: YOU select your desired standard. WE provide optimized operation and maintenance costs.

An ideal space utilization: The system grid combined with the sustainable building material provide an extraordinary living atmosphere with rooms full of light and cosiness.
Enjoy a maximum of design freedom thanks to flexible floor plan planning with assured quality of workmanship. Statically sovereign solved, Lukas Lang buildings do without load-bearing interior walls.

Flexible, sustainable and economical throughout the entire life cycle: Due to the modular system, the buildings can be adapted at any time without loss of value. Easily accessible interfaces ensure uncomplicated maintenance and servicing.

Plug and done: No chiseling, only clean force-fit connections. Whether enlarge, reduce or even relocate, Lukas Lang buildings remain value stable.

Due to the outstanding technical, ecological and functional quality of the innovative Lukas Lang modular system, the German housing industry (GDW) has signed a framework agreement with Lukas Lang Building Technologies Ltd. that will enable long-term and serial housing construction for the future.
Source: Housing Industry Day 2019.

We industrially prefabricate our standardized components and therefore ensure an on-time delivery. We stand for transparency and high-quality products. Our system is awarded with the DGNB system certificate and our residential buildings with the DGNB series certificates.