VALUE RETENTION and sustainability

Thanks to detachable connections, flexible combination possibilities and wood as construction material. The Lukas Lang modular construction system has been thought through beyond sustainability — as far as value retention. How and why?

... because due to detachable connections the size and floor plans of Lukas Lang buildings can be flexibly adapted at any time to new life or work circumstances — even for a different use.

… because maximum life-time-value of the components is guaranteed — they can be assembled, disassembled and used somewhere else while retaining their value.

... because use of the CO2-neutral raw material of wood means adopting a responsible attitude to our environment. The wood used for a 650 m2 Lukas Lang house grows again in Austria within 4 minutes.

And if a component nevertheless reaches the end of its useful life, it is returned to the natural cycle in an environmentally-friendly way — cleanly separated according to material and recycling possibility.